Alex Brown

Alex was born in Manchester, England. He studied for a foundation in Fine Art in Manchester and gained a Fine Art degree from Camberwell School of Art, in the 80’s. After graduating, Alex turned professional and exhibited with the Nine Elms Group of Artists throughout the 90s in galleries in and around London. Since, his works have been housed in collections which include: London Transport Museum, Art for Hospitals, St. James’ Estate Trust, Glaxo SmithKline. Alex also has pieces in private collections and galleries around the world. 

 His enduring fascination throughout his art career has been painting from life, with colour relationship and abstraction. Alex uses a variety of mediums and techniques, including brushes and palette knives. 

 Alex has three main interests. His abstracts and conceptual work deal with natural events and fluid dynamics, his drawings search for an organic composition and narrative. Whilst his portraits are about the feeling of a personality, a character, rather than a photorealistic representation. Alex’s most recent works bring these three things together. 

 His conceptual work is concerned with his/man’s relationship to nature and attempting to create a new relationship, a different balance. Alex has spent a lot of time trying to capture this in his work. ‘I have developed an organic approach to composition and narrative. This has recently fed into my paintings.’- Alex Brown, 2019.

 Last year, Alex established his own art school after teaching privately in Wales, England and France. Lemon Studios Arts School Ltd is located in Monmouthshire, and teaches all artistic abilities in oil, watercolour and drawing.

Alex Brown roses with silver teapot.jpg