Jackie Poulter

My first career was as a teacher and as an early years specialist this always involved a lot of creativity. After moving to Monmouth six years ago and failing to find suitable employment (not able to speak welsh or play the piano!) I still needed to make things. I dabbled with ceramics and silversmithing at Hereford Art College and absolutely fell in love with silver and jewellery so enrolled at a jewellery school in Hatton Garden where I gained a diploma in jewellery design. This culminated in exhibiting at the New Designers Exhibition in Islington last July, which was a wonderful experience. Since then I have set up a small workshop in my house and work at home.

Having grown up in the country, playing with sticks and stones, climbing trees and rooting around in streams, being in touch with nature is very important to me. Now I walk my dogs and take photographs of natural objects with interesting shapes and textures which, combined with a compulsive need to collect ‘nice’ stones and sticks, is the source of my inspiration. I love the work of Anthony Gormley, Andy Goldsworthy, Richard Long and local artist, Lynda Jones with her unique depiction of trees and landscapes. 

This collection is inspired by trees. Clinging roots, vines and ivy change the texture of a trunk and alter its appearance. This effect appealed to me and I used this in the design of my small vessels. I experimented with adding wire as another dimension as well as using continuous metal to represent the root. I love pieces of bark shed by my aging Scots pine, the shapes and the way they create a natural jigsaw. I like the contrast of random shapes that can be so well ordered, so I have used this idea in developing some of my jewellery.

Jackie Poulter_TwistedvineBangle_19.JPG