Jane Boswell

Jane has been painting and drawing all her life. She graduated from Loughborough with a Degree in Fine Art in 1983. With a Post Graduate Teaching Certificate from Goldsmiths, Jane has spent the best part of her career as a teacher of Art. Her first love  has been landscape, particularly the sea and mountains of Wales. Now teaching part-time, she has recently found a second love, cake! This has led her to paint scrumptious images of yummy cakes. 

She also loves the small, delicate aspects of the natural world, little pebbles, feathers, wild flowers, orchids and eggshells, finding the detail challenging and inspiring.

 Returning to her original theme of Landscape, Jane has been exploring the play of colour and light on surfaces, particularly water and rocks where she has been experimenting with intense colour and the effects of different times of day. From images of the Welsh coast to the Monmouth Brecon Canal, Jane is  developing this theme and producing prints and greetings cards from her work.

Jane has expanded her range of products with her porcelain ring and jewellery dishes. She has enjoyed the challenges of working with semi-porcelain. 

‘Inspired by the natural shapes found in nature, my porcelain ceramics are small and delicate ring dishes.  I shape and hand-pinch the clay to create crimped edges reflecting those of a flower petal or shell. I enjoy working with oxides to add the splashes of blue, so effective on white. Underglaze is added for the pink petal dishes and gold leaf gilded onto my work post firing.’

Her latest venture is with stoneware, again hand building little pinch pots for Sake or espresso coffee. ‘I have also added little jugs with a bird-like beak as the pouring spout.’These sets have a textured outside and a high gloss black glaze inside adding a real contrast of surfaces.

Jane Boswell 20190227_133016.jpg