Judith Lowery

I grew up in the beautiful lower Wye Valley and I have been painting and drawing all my life.  Fascinated by form and texture, working in both two and three dimensions I incorporate such elements into my work. 

Hugely inspired by my cycling journeys through the Welsh countryside I am drawn to small fragments of scenery reflecting the impact of agriculture on the natural world. Much of my recent work reflects how I am frequently taken by glimpses of sheep through the hedgerows with their amusing and fascinating expressions. It is the sense of trying to represent the character of an animal or aspect of the landscape around me that appeals. The pace of my cycling allows an intimate interaction with the landscape around me, experiencing how it may change according to the terrain I am travelling through. 

For me, the physical act of producing a piece of Art is a central element of why I love to create. It is not just about the aesthetic and visual but about the joy I experience from applying the media to the surface and feeling it with my hands.        

Drawing is an essential part of the creative process, allowing me to visualise and investigate my subjects in depth. In much of my work I apply the media in many layers developing texture and depth.From start to finish, from drawing to final painting, I am trying to capture the true essence of my subjects. Though this can be a slow and painstaking process, it allows me to connect with the subject to bring out the true sense of what I am responding to.

Jenny Lowery-Nice Earrings Ewe.jpg