Kate Wrigglesworth

I qualified with a degree in Theatre design, (three dimensional) from Birmingham City University which has continued to influence my work. 

I draw inspiration from music, dance and narrative, trying to include a lyrical quality into my paintings.  I also include characters in my work through different themes such as dancers and imaginative creatures. 

The Worcestershire and Herefordshire landscapes are a source of inspiration to me such as our woodlands, forests, undulating hills and farming land, together with our coastal landscapes. 

The mediums I like to use in paint are watercolour/gouache, acrylic and oils on canvas.  Although I enjoy using watercolour paint, I sometimes mix them with gouache, overlapping colours.  I am particularly influenced by expressionist painting and use colour emotionally.  I like to play around with perspective and work from my imagination which gives my painting a primitive and naïve quality, moving between abstraction and figurative elements.  My design background continues to be an influence especially when working on commissions. It has helped with the planning, layout and decision making and I love to work on a variety of themes.

I exhibit at Art Markets and galleries around the country.  I have also had work published with different organisations such as British waterways and Woodmansterne.  Ballet, modern dance and movement play an important role in my creativity, whilst improvisation in dance translates itself to experimental work in art. Sometimes I will work on similar themes when choreographing dances and developing ideas for painting.  Both disciplines influence each other.

The meadow

The meadow