Monique Oliver

All my work is poured from cups as ill health prevented me from undertaking prolonged brush work and forced me to find an alternative way to paint or risk giving it up altogether in 2016.

Much of my work has an organic and intricate feel to it, which as a “fluid artist” is a challenge, but I believe we instinctively respond to the interplay between randomness and pattern and my paintings often play with our perceptions and expectations of time and space.

I use a variety of tools and techniques to create energetic abstracts through the use of vibrant colours and surprising patterns and am the recipient of several artist awards.  

I am a member of the Guild Society of Artists and have enjoyed solo exhibitions in private galleries and public buildings and have shown pieces in group exhibitions and museums, including both Rome and New York. 

Recent features include the curated online gallery “Rise Art” and “Artist-a-Day”, a site showcasing the top 3000 emerging professional artists globally. I was also the cover creative on the Spring 2017 Edition of “Creates Magazine” with a piece called “Strange Blossom” and have appeared on the “Working Artist”, “Gloucestershire Live” and “Artsy Shark”, as well as the “Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2017”.


Strange Blossom

Strange Blossom