Peter Dixon

I’ve been turning wood as a creative pastime since the mid-90s. Throughout this period my day job has been in the field of International Development, living and working for almost 20 years in East Africa and South Asia. This has provided opportunities both to encounter the work of inspiring crafts persons but also the possibility to work with a wide range of woods and other interesting materials. Over recent years I’ve been based in the UK and have been selling my pieces at Woods of Whitchurch. I’m a member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain and the Forest of Dean Woodturners and have recently taken the position of Membership secretary of the Herefordshire Woodturners.

I enjoy working with wood that has character and colour, but also adding carved and pierced features. Whilst I've worked extensively with exotic hardwoods, most of my turnings are now made from woods sourced locally to my home on Little Doward. These include Oak, Yew, Sycamore, Blackthorn, Beech, Mountain Ash, Silver Birch and Walnut. As well as favouring wood coloured through natural means, for example spalting and decay, I also use stains and acrylics, and occasionally pyrography and "coldcast", where metal powders are combined with resin to accentuate cracks and voids.  


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