Sue Carr

Sue studied Biology and Geology at University and now realizes she has brought these two disciplines together in her ceramics!

Nature is encapsulated in molten rock (glazes which are a mixture of silica, feldspar and other minerals) melted to 1320 degrees centigrade in her gas kilns.

She believes her love of colour and nature comes from growing up among the vibrant flora and fauna of South Africa.

 She trained as a porcelain production thrower in Nova Scotia, Canada for four years from 1982. Her love of porcelain has never wavered as its whiteness enables intense vibrancy in the glazes that Sue makes. It is also a joy to throw.

 Her most recent works are based on flowers and birds.

Sue regularly sells work in galleries, shops, occasional shows and regularly makes porcelain pieces to commission.


Sue Carr IMG_4644_Poppy Platter.JPG