Tom  Rigby

Finance and PR

As treasurer with AIP I am responsible for paying the bills and doing the maths so that we have a good idea how our cash flow is working for us through the year. We set budgets each year for significant parts of our activities and have targets for the key areas we need to perform well in such as art sales during our Art in Penallt weekend. 

 As a result of superb work from everyone and careful housekeeping we have been able to make substantial charity donations following each year’s final accounts being completed. My lengthy business background is probably what I mainly bring to the AIP meeting table, having run and owned a number of companies through my working life.

However, I also have a great interest in art and music and do try my ‘hand’ at acting and directing plays in the Savoy theatre in Monmouth most years. I reside in Penallt with my wife Paula and look forward to one day improving my tennis at our village club.