In order to run our first few events, Art in Penallt depended on the usual fund-raising coffee mornings and plant sales as well as donations from grant-making bodies. Gradually this seed-funding allowed us to invest in equipment, develop publicity and cover costs. 

From the start we have chosen two local charities a year to support, Babington Meadow and one other, to demonstrate our commitment to the community. See below for details. 

Our organisers and volunteers give their time generously so all the proceeds from Art in Penallt go to defray our costs and to support our charities. We are delighted that we have been able to give away nearly £7,000 to date.

Art in Penallt Charity Donations

28/11/11 Babington Meadow £500 

28/11/11 Cancer Research Wales £500 

24/10/12 Gwent Wildlife £50 

04/11/12 Babington Meadow £250 

11/12/13 Babington Meadow £400 

15/01/14 Monmouth Citizen Advice £100 

06/01/15 Babington Meadow £500 

04/11/15 Attik Youth Group Monmouth £200 

04/11/15 Babington Meadow £700 

12/10/16 Bridges Centre Monmouth £500 

12/10/16 Babington Meadow £500 

23/09/17 Bridges Centre Monmouth £500 

23/09/17 Babington Meadow £500 

25/11/17 Pelham Hall £250 

21/09/18 Babington Meadow £750

10/10/18 Alzheimers Society £750

Total £6950